Your Favourite Self

Your Favourite Self is about the relationship that you have with yourself that builds your character and spreads as well as creates your universe.

Staying healthy, fit and confident has to start with one basic – know your favourite self.  Develop your roots first and then handle everything else from a solid base.


 Who is Your Favourite Self?



Here is the best way that I can explain this:

Someone walks up to you and punches you hard in the face and walks away. Some day you meet the same person. You suddenly get angry. You know you don’t like that person!


You didn’t have that perception before the punch. Through the human experience you now have another front other than what you started off with. Over time you get plenty of different and random experiences that create a massive front, quite the opposite of what you were originally. This becomes your Human Experience Identity. This is an identity made up of an accumulation of past experiences. You then unknowingly keep this human experience identity active unnecessarily through your thinking process, sabotaging your own happiness and success.


From the human experience identity you react to circumstances according to prior experiences. For example:- after the first experience of being punched in the face, someone walks up to you rather suddenly, you will cover your face and get ready to punch back or maybe even punch that person. You have decided that this time around you will fight back!  Over time that ‘human experience identity’ has enough experiences in it to function on it’s own in the human world. It makes you operate on automaton. You begin to see yourself as The Human Experience Identity. But the genius is the other identity, the one unadulterated by experience. This is what is Your Favourite Self. Without knowing how to call forth this original self, Your Favourite Self, you actually sabotage your own confidence and success.


Before I discovered my favourite self I read books on the law of attraction, watched movies, did positive affirmations, meditation and whatever else, you name it. I never succeeded in manifesting what I desired. The results were not coming in as I wished. Then I came to know myself as the original self, the favourite self.



Your favourite Self

You have observed this one before; When someone does something, even a complex task and they are natural at it; That thing that makes it seem so easy, the thing behind that naturalness is the one – Your Favourite Self.


This is your very own, most intelligent, personal identity. Knowing how this dynamic identity that eludes you half of the time, is getting to know the goose that lays the golden egg and there is no stopping your happiness and success.


You will make money, develop character and create blissful relationships at will. This is the first law of attraction.


Attract Your Favourite Self First and only then will you know how to attract those things that you really Desire. Anything! ~ D.P. Cherryvaise


So, you ask, ‘How do I attract myself?’ Sounds silly, isn’t it? Well, not really. Everyone basically has two identities. One is from the experiences one has had in life that causes all confusion and chaos and the other is from pure creation perception which is Your Favourite Self. These are two aspects within you that can work together coherently or independently with vast differences in outcome. One identity goes for failure and destruction or at best short lived success and the other will make you a successful positive person permanently or for as long as you choose.


If we take off all past human experience, what are we left with? Here is an example to clearly answer this question. If someone walks up to you and says, ‘You are so stupid!’ Your reaction is, ‘No I am not!’ This is a reaction everyone has, even if they have done some stupid things in the past. There is something within you that knows you are not stupid and it is not governed by human experience. This is Your Favourite Self.


This is the genius that is in every one of us, everyone – without exception, the identity that knows everything there is to know about you. The part that will tell you when you are in danger and your partner in business.  This is the part you call instinct or the gut feeling. Ever heard of people referring to someone as having guts? I mean real substance, courage, guts? This is Your Favourite Self.




It is a part of you that is so obvious, so obvious that we take it for granted. That genius is the hidden mysterious you and yet It is in plain view. In  The First Law Of Attraction Manual, I explain how to easily and consciously become this genius at all times so that you are always operating at your best and winning.


Becoming  Your Favourite Self first helps in creating the foundation that you need to succeed at anything. Working things out through the human experience identity alone will not do it for you because it is mainly built through pain or false information.


Equally, you may know how to use your thoughts to contact that genius within. This leads to personally getting to know the part of you that knows everything.

You probably have tried visualization, positive thinking, positive affirmations or just getting rid of negative thoughts without success. You wonder where you are going wrong. The reason is that, underlying the law of attraction, must be your basic self, Your Favourite Self, to carry out those commands. We fail because we have the human experience identity carrying out the duties in life. The basic rule is to become Your Favourite Self first.


If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to leave them below. Thank you for your interest. Have fun and hasten the journey.


From the one who wishes you well




37 thoughts on “Your Favourite Self

  1. I never heard this technique until I read this. Sorry for the cliche statement! I do find it interesting, there are some similarities to another technique I learned a long time ago. It was called becoming the best version of self.

    This technique also mentions the survival tactics we begin to develop which you referred to hear as the punch in the face analogy. Because of that punch in the face we stop striving to become that version and instead just survive.

    Like yourself I realized all those techniques were not working. They are just like pills, they are a placebo effect. I may be seeing it much differently than you are. I think one thing is for sure it’s not about surviving life but thriving.

    That is the only we can truly access our favorite self or best version as I mentioned earlier. All to often when it comes to the brutal factors of our environment we begin to repress our abilities. Like yourself I have been finding ways to go back to my roots and who am really.

    Thanks for such an inspiring read!

    • Thank you for your visit.

      It is sad how our environment conditions us to lose that special healthy relationship with our favourite self.

      Operating from the best version of our self is to maximize our potential, be it in making money, finding our power or creating happy relationships. It is the way to thriving.

      Thank you.


  2. What a wonderful concept Danielle… your favourite self… I love your description of how it is the identity unadulterated by experience, the original self, originating from pure creation perception. I can see how cracking the code to the Law of Attraction is working in your life, as your star grows brighter by the day!
    I bought your original book, “The Glimpse Beyond the Obvious”. Should I buy “The First Law of Attraction” next, or “The Thoughts Operating Manual”? Your book covers look fantastic by the way!

    • Hi Lauren!

      The First Law Of Attraction is your next book. It is a detailed account of who that unadulterated self is and what you can do with it! This is a very interesting book that helps one really trust and respect oneself! You will come to trust your perceptions and your solutions to problems as well as become very grounded and self confident. The information in there put me in the driver’s seat in my own life.

      ‘A Glimpse Beyond the Obvious’ and the “Thoughts Operating Manual” is one and the same book. My adviser asked me to change my original title to the current one as it explains more what that book is about.

      Thank you Lauren. I intent to create an exclusive platform for a community to discuss the concepts in these books and everyone who buys any of the books automatically qualifies to be part of that community. There will be loads of interesting stuff to talk about!

      I will be in-touch.




  3. Our thoughts are so connected to everything in this universe. The law of attraction is not flawed, it’s always perfect.

    Those in my life wonder why I always get what I wish for. They say I wear “rose colored glasses”. I tell them this…first I LOVE the color pink! LOL! And, I am the most important person on this planet who is a true believer in my life. I am my favorite person. Why shouldn’t I get what I wish for?

    Are there bumps of disappoint in the road? Yes. Are their challenges that seem unbearable? Yes. But, it’s all about how you look at those “distractions”.

    This is a wonderful site and a wonderful place to park, and hang out a bit.

    Thank you!!

    Thoughts become things. I’ve always believe this simple concept. I only think good thoughts, therefore I get the good stuff out of life. It’s what keeps me sane! 🙂

    • Hi Sheila
      Thank you for visiting. I totally relate to what you have just said. It is true that the law of attraction is not flawed, when you attract your favourite self first then you always attract positive things in life. Thank you for your interest and your enthusiasm.

    • Hi Tamio and thank you for passing by. I am really grateful that you found something of value about Your Favourite Self.

    • I am amazed myself. If we all connected to the favourite self, the things we do become unique presentations of our ideas. Thank you for taking the time to visit and leave a comment. Hope you will always connect to Your Favourite Self.

  4. our Favourite Self is indeed the best part of our life. It is something we are, everyday, but it is easily overlooked. This is a part of us that we can never do without. Ever since I discovered my favourite self I have never looked back. It’s a concept that is both amazing and surprising!

    • Thank you for passing by and yes this is both an amazing and a concept with an element of surprise. Imagine how beautiful the world would be if we all looked at it from this point of view!


  5. This is the first time I have read something related to my favorite self. In fact I have never heard of it, but it is very interesting to think that we all have so many facets that nobody else knows about.

    The hard part is now channeling all this energy into the right places by using your favorite self. I would love to know just how many people get this right in their lifetimes.

    • Hello Michel

      Your Favourite Self is indeed the best part of our life. It is something we are, everyday, but it is easily overlooked. This is a part of us that we can never do without. Ever since I discovered my favourite self I have never looked back. It’s a concept that is both amazing and surprising!

      Thank you for passing by Michel.


  6. Hello Danielle,

    This is a very positive site to visit. If more people could slow down a little and have this kind of insight, their lives would surely improve.
    Thanks so much!

    • Hello Mary
      I totally agree with you. I am glad that you found my website, your favourite self, insightful. Slowing down to take time to find oneself actually speeds up the rate to succeed. Once again thank you for passing by and for your interest. 🙂

  7. Hello Maurice,

    Thank you for your interest. Describing life in terms of your favourite self is very interesting to me. It is an exciting discovery. It is also something that is at the very core of our success, each and every one of us. I also find it interesting and inspiring to meet people doing similar work. I will sure check-out your website.

    My passion keeps me active and I believe this is what happens when we become aware of our life purpose.

    Thank you for passing by. I will be adding more posts.

    Best of wishes!

    ~ Danielle

  8. Hey,
    First of all, great stuff which gave me some insight!

    I really like the way you described the way of life. You seem experienced an passionate about your niche which is an absolute must in my opinion.

    I myself also have a niche in personal development. You gave me some new insight which I appreciate. I target a special niche in psychology which describes some techniques that help in personal development. I can resonate with your vision for sure.

    I’ve checked out some other content on this website as well which is also described in a unique way.
    This is very important especially in a niche like this
    Keep up the good work!

    I’ll be checking for updates for sure and leave a message.
    It seems like you are very active
    Have a nice day

    • Hello Maurice,

      Thank you for your interest. Describing life in terms of your favourite self is very interesting to me. It is an exciting discovery. It is also something that is at the very core of our success, each and every one of us. I also find it interesting and inspiring to meet people doing similar work. I will sure check-out your website.

      My passion keeps me active and I believe this is what happens when we become aware of our life purpose.

      Thank you for passing by. I will be adding more posts.

      Best of wishes!

      ~ Danielle

    • Hello Jenene
      Thank you for your inspiring words. When I started writing, I was all excited and thought, ‘if only I can inspire but one person I will be over the moon!’ It now feels real and my dream is no longer in my head. Your comment confirms it right there. Thank you once again and I hope 2016 is being kind to you. Onwards and upwards with your favourite self.

    • Hello Josette
      Thank you for popping in. It is encouraging to know my content here at your favourite self makes an interesting impression. It is indeed an interesting angle to see ourselves this way and a way that we provide ourselves with answers so that we do not have to depend on other people who may mislead us. Thank you. 🙂

  9. Wow! I love this concept!
    This is something I have never consciously thought of and yet it is so obvious, just as you say – hidden but in plain sight.

    I was widowed 4 months ago and need to pick up and move on with my new life. I think this will definitely help me on that journey. I owe it to my children to be my favorite self and make the most of life.

    • Oow Lesley, you touch my heart so. I am sorry to hear about your loss and my heart goes out to you and your children. I sincerely hope that what you find here at your favourite self will resonate with you so much that picking yourself up becomes an easy and enjoyable task. Give those children a big cuddle for me and if you need to get intouch I will do my best.

      From the one who wishes you well,

      Much love
      ~ Danielle

  10. Hello Danielle,

    I love how insightful you are in your writing. I found myself relating to everything you were saying, as I myself for the longest time lost my favorite self.
    I am wondering what your opinion is on mental blockage ? I only ask this because many of us go through life fighting with ourselves because of psychological issues and in the end lose ourselves.

    I am quite interested in your approach to life.



    • Hi Alonyo!

      Thank you for your interest. I personally believe mental blockage, from your favourite self aspect, is a result, at some point, of bringing too many issues in one’s past experiences into the present. At some point it then starts to feel too heavy to carry and that then creates an unwillingness to look at life, a way of trying to survive by blocking the mind from thinking. The best way to become unblocked is to live life in the now. Just looking at what is happening now. In the now is the presence of your favourite self. This is because looking at what is happening now takes away the heavy load of a past or future and this is light enough for your best self to shine through and have clear perception and create solutions to problems. This way it is also amazingly surprising that it is possible to even untangle or work out or understand a problem from the past.

      Wishing you well

      ~ Danielle

  11. Hi PenCherry,

    I was checking out your website and I came away with the concept of getting to know your favourite self by identifying your thinking process and the genius that is within us all.

    This is quite a different approach on how one can view their self. Thanks for the insight.


    • Hello Wanda1958

      The concept of your favourite self is a unique one, one that will propel everyone to their success. I am delighted to have helped in some way. Get yourself a copy of the first manual and start your exciting journey to discovering your genius.

      Thank you for your interest!

      ~ PenCherry

  12. You just reminded me of rethinking who i really am which is something that every one should normally do on regular basis. Any time that we fail to remember our favorite selves, we simply increase our chances of messing up or just heading towards the wrong direction. Thanks a lot for the post.

    • Your favourite self is the best companion anybody will ever have. Never having to depend on other people for the answers and support one might need in their moments of darkness or celebration. Thank you for your interest.

      ~ PenCherry

    • Hello Didi

      We all are engaged in the law of attraction whether we are conscious of it or not. And when we are aware we create the exact things we desire. Thank you for your values.
      ~ PenCherry

  13. The relationship we have with our self is the most important relationship we will ever have. If we can’t have that relationship right, we’ll never get any relationship right.

    Back in the day when I was still dating, I was appalled at the number of people who could not stand their own company and yet, somehow, expected others to want to be with them.

    • It’s amazing isn’t it how those that reach out to us inlove think we are responsible for their happiness! It is indeed the relationship to your favourite self that creates first and foremost one’s love and happiness and others then get to experience it.

      Thank you for your interesting outlook

      ~ PenCherry

    • Thank you Rodric. We tend to overlook or ignore our favourite self because it is so obvious but this is the worst thing to do as this is our most productive self. Once again thank you for passing by.
      ~ PenCherry

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