Women Hurt Men Too

Here is what most women never keep in mind, That men have fragile hearts too and so women hurt men too.

Men are always taught to be strong from a very young age. They have to learn to bear everything with a strong attitude. They have to be strong for everyone. But you know what, in this, men become lonely. They have things that worry them and hurt the like women do but they have no one to tell that to. If they do they run the risk of being called wimps! This is no small matter to me. Isn’t this part of the reason why women are frustrated that men don’t talk?

I am going to explain something that I think may shed some light to a solution.

Women throw tantrums most of the time. Every woman hopes that when she is being “unreasonable” her man will take it. This is because she believes that what she does, does not hurt the man that much simply because men are perceived as strong., well stronger than strong

This is what she wants too. She wants him to be stronger than strong!

So when she throws a tantrum and he takes it without complaint, and this happens time and tin=me and again, the more the man takes the more he earns her respect. It doesn’t matter how many times she is being stroppy, the end result is that she has a lot of respect for the man who can hack it.

Yes, this sounds silly but I tell you, this is a genetic code in place. The woman doesn’t know it and neither does the man. This is just a natural form of creation.

How many times do you think his patience will be tried and tested by the children as he brings them up. A mom can be patient with her children because she carries them in her tummy. Her patience is tried and tested from this.

For the father, it’s not an internal training like the mother and so his training starts with his partner.

Men that whine and whinge about what she does lose her respect even if it’s clear that she is being unreasonable.

I suppose deep down she gets to realize he will not be a good and patient father.

What is the solution then?

The first is that women should realize that men have tender hearts too. That they hurt as much as they do.

But I also want to share a natural solution in place.

When a woman whinges and whines and throws tantrums, it is wise for the man to just look on and observe. Ignore all the fluffy details and pick on any important facts in the complaint and act on it. The rest he should put in his mind’s trash can.

If out of all she whines about he finds nothing really important, he should put it in his mind’s trash can and instead just give her a cuddle. Maybe all she is asking for is attention.

What happens now is that she begins to develop this very tender heart towards him ans slowly she will cater to all his whims. It’s a process.

Most men nowadays ask, what about me! It is a process. Ant man who knows how to handle the woman’s perceived unreasonableness eventually gets anything he wants from his other half.

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