What is the truth?

What is the truth?

What is the truth? This is a massive question. What is the truth? To the degree that you can truly answer this question concerning relationships, you can determine your happiness in your own relationship and accordingly in your life as well as your children’s life. Everything hinges on being able to answer this question. So knowing what is the truth is actually crucial.

The Christians know this verse, “I am the way the truth and the life”, What is the truth? What is it that we call the truth? The answer may surprise you.


It appears to me that we are born with a degree of numbness. Here is what I mean. A child has to know from experience that when he or she smacks another child that other child cries. When he or she gets smacked by another child he or she cries because it’s painful and so becomes sensitive to pain. The child has learned a truth – when you smack it’s painful. In this the child does not think so much of the hand moving to smack another child but will remember the sensation of pain and now knows what pain is. Before the experience there was no sensitivity to it. This is why I am referring to it as a numbness. What relation does it have to the question of what is the truth?

Truth is the essence of knowing that remains after an experience. It is different from individual to individual. What you know to be true will always be personal to you . You eat a fruit and it tastes bitter and you get to know that the fruit is bitter. You taste something good and from that moment you know how it tastes.

That ‘how it is’ thing is what we mean by truth. There is an ultimate truth that we are all working towards and that ultimate truth is for each individual to stand up one day and say “I AM” and truly understand who they are. This is the ultimate purpose for each individual. To answer the questions Who am I and why are we here? We are here to walk the way back to who we really are.

There are natural steps that have been put in place for this. A relationship is one of the crucial steps.

Here is something interesting about truth. People sometimes confuse truth with uniformity. That when something is true to them it is true to the same degree in everyone else. This is the lie that most live and this is where most imposition stems from. It comes from  thinking that an individual’s truth should be the same as everyone else’s. This also breeds intolerance. When a fruit is bitter, the bitterness is never to the same degree to everyone. That is why one person will tolerate it and say they like the fruit even though it’s bitter and the other will not stand it at all.

People will love each other and we will all use the same word for it, ‘they love each other’ that is true. But the degree of one couple’s love is always different from another’s. That is also true.

However, there is a process about loving each other that is true for everyone and this is the way to the ultimate truth.

We go through different processes that decrease our numbness and we awaken to certain truths. To the degree that we awaken through truths, we awaken to who we are, what we know and what our preferences are till we get to the ultimate truth and there we enjoy all the delights that life brings. That means through truths we slowly awaken to who we really are.

There is another side to this, it is applying those truths in the world that we live in and in ushers the differences between men and women.

The first point of entry to all this is the love of knowing the truth. There is a proper recognized word for it.  The word for ‘the love of knowing the truth’ ;  That word is called “curiosity”. Curiosity is the urge to go out and discover the truth. Curiosity is the process of ‘the love of knowing the truth.

Boys and men are more into this discovering of the truth. They tear things apart and go out on daring adventures much more than girls do.  Boys and men are naturally driven by that love of truth. They look at a car and they want to know how it works, how practical it is, is it worth it?? In the same scenario what do girls or women do?

They love to have a beautiful car and drive it. Not out of the love of it’s engine or it’s practical details like men do but just from the joy of driving the car. Men will experience the joy of owning and driving the car from a practical point of view. For the woman the details of how it’s made and it’s power and all that stuff rarely comes into focus, all she wants is a car to drive. She has the love for a car to drive. It’s an emotional decision.

So from his curiosity and practicality, a man goes out and makes things that the world at large uses. His truth creates for the world and thus the man is the provider.  She falls in love with what he creates, in other words she falls inlove with his truth. In other words, she loves the man’s practicality to provide. Even if she buys the car with her own money, basically men made the car and in that sense men are providers. This is a fundamental truth in relationships. So besides being attracted to a man at the onset, the woman then falls inlove with the man’s practice of what he knows, his truth, his wisdom.

But for this to be true in the true sense, she needs to trust that he is the one that carries the practical truth. Only through this understanding can she help him to become wiser within the relationship and he is then able to carry his responsibilities well as being the protector and the provider. Not the provider as in earning a lot of money but a provider in coming to wise decisions around the family and the world at large. Truth and practicality are one and the same thing. Those that know less will be less practical.

Women love to enjoy what the man brings. He gives, she receives. These are the true dynamics of a relationship. Getting this truth wrong is the  reason for all the mess we see in relationships. He is practical and she loves his practicality. He gives she receives. A man repairs or makes things for the woman e. g. no woman goes under the sink to repair a leak. When a man can do such things for his wife, she loves him to no ends. When he knows how to properly give her his seed, she loves him to no end.

This is an equation that has been tipped and is totally misunderstood in today’s world. This is not about THOSE rights. This is about an equation in nature that NO ONE can choose to change willy nilly unless they want to be unhappy all their life and consequently making their offspring unhappy.



What is the truth? The truth is the knowing of ‘what is’… and then from that truth, through being practical, using what we know to create things.   So the truth is the essence from where we create and finally discover the ultimate truth.

Men create more and women create using what men create. Lol! This is a funny one that most women will not want to hear.

Well, men build cars and women drive them to their friend’s baby shower! Men make women pregnant and women love and nurture the babies to build the backbone of society. These are clearly defined roles no matter how we want to look at it. The man facilitates and the woman makes use of what is provided. This is what is the truth of where it all begins in relationships and this builds to the top most truth finally. Relationships properly done lead to a final truth which is supercharged love. A delightful love that makes us wise beyond anything we have ever known .

The rest of the stuff surrounding this concept is discussed in the forum.

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12 thoughts on “What is the truth?

  1. Hello, Danielle.

    After reading your article I came to the conclusion to ask you to read John 17 from the Gospel of John.


  2. Wow, This is a whole new perspective for me. I never even thought about viewing it that way. The truth is a tough thing to swallow, so i know from experience that you have to be prepared to take it as well as dish it out. I struggle personally finding the best time to tell the truth. When do think its the best time to tell the truth, in the moment or wait till things cool down? Thanks, great and entertaining read.

    • Hi Garrett

      It feels good to hear you say, wow I never thought about it this way. It makes me happy to know that what I wrote was worth it because it gives another perspective. Our intention is to give a new perspective to relationships because obviously from the rate of divorces, what we have now in relationships is not cutting the mustard.

      Truth is always an individual’s way of seeing what is true for them and therefore I believe that when a person chooses to tell the truth as they see it, it should always be stated as such – that it is their truth, it is the way they view things and not kind of imposing it on others. if others then choose to see it the same way then there is agreement on perspective. I just think most disagreements come about because we assume that one’s truth is everyone’s truth.

      A good example is how men and women are different and yet each gender tries to make the other gender wrong or impose their truth and thus relationships become harder. But the truth is we are just wired differently and so when we relate to each other we have to take this into the equation.

      To answer your question, I don’t think there is a time to tell one’s truth the only condition is to make the listener understand that it’s a personal point of view and not an imposition.

      Thank you for passing by and taking the time to leave a comment.



  3. Inspiring!
    Thank you for this article. It gives me another insight of what truth is. What I know about truth, on the other hand, is that it won’t come to you until you are ready for it. Also, learning the truth really hurts. Yes, it is and it will always be. But by the end of the day, you’ll be thankful enough to know and mold you to be better.

    • Hi Chanan

      I totally agree with you. It’s a journey. We get hurt because we have our own truth and hearing another’s truth can be challenging. Where it i possible to walk away with other people in general, in relationships we can’t. This is why we created this website, to address handling the truth in relationship and so couples can relate better and enjoy the true delights of being in a relationship.

      Thank you for your awesome comment.



  4. Interesting article, and something we don’t often pause to think about too often.

    I always think (and hope) that one day we will find out all the answers to our unanswered questions. There must be answers out there somewhere, but everyone seems to have their own version of the truth.

    Who is right and who is wrong? Not everyone can be right, as the stories and interpretations of life differ so much from society to society.

    Then again in the big scheme of things, maybe the little things don’t matter at all.

    • Hi Michel and thank you for passing by.

      I wrote a book about how to look at our thought process to find answers to our unanswered questions. Here it is…

      The Thinking Process

      I believe truth is always an individual thing leading to that final truth that reveals who we are as individuals. We go through all sorts to get to that final truth but relationships challenge us the most because it’s not only our personal truth we have to look at, it’s allowing the spouse and children to live their own truths without impossing our truths on them. The life journey is through each person as they see it and it’s unfair to expect other people to give up their truths to follow ours unless they are in agreement with us.

      Thank you for your thought provoking comment.



  5. Hello,

    You did right to quote Jesus when He says “I am The Way, the Truth and the Life” for Jesus’ words are Truth! However, in a Relationship, Truth can sometimes hurt especially when said at some heated moments. For me, Truth should always be told in a climate of trust and in a grown-up conversation when nobody will get angry or have one’s ego struck. What do you think?

    • Hi…

      Thank you for passing by Angelce. I think true open communication in relationships is the most difficult part. It takes a lot of maturity to accept a different opinion from one’s own. Most of the time couples choose not to say exactly how they feel and this builds resentment within. Truth should always be told in a climate of acceptance. This is a hard one but the couple that does this will pass the test of time and will be inlove for eternity because their relationship will always be light and clean.

      Thank you for your opinion.


  6. Hi Danielle, thank you so much for posting this. Such a refreshing read. In a world where the lines between gender roles are even more grey than ever, I particularly enjoyed your “men build cars and women drive them to their friend’s baby shower” comment, had me in histerics! Chris

    • Hi Chris

      Lol! Both the car and the baby are a celebration of the opposite gender. That statement defines what men do and what women do about it. It’s a seed about the women’s love for the men in it’s correct context. I am not sure many will like this slant but it’s just the way it is from nature. The most enjoyable part is the delight and wisdom it brings.

      Thank you for passing by. I enjoyed your comment.


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