What Is A Human Spirit

What Is A Human Spirit

There is something toward which every human’s life is continuously directed. It is towards knowing where the human power lies because this is where everything else revolves around. The human power lies with the human spirit. Knowing about what is a human spirit is the way to understand where your power lies!



What IS A Human Spirit? 



To answer this question more clearly, I am going to consider the relationship between three aspects


  • The Physical Body
  • The Spirit Body
  • and the Spirit Itself


On subtle levels how do these three connect?


Imagine being without the physical body… If we remove the body from the picture, what are we left with? The Answer is – we are left with the human spirit floating on a spirit body. What is a human spirit? This is a strange concept but what I am about to write is nevertheless true.



I know it may be hard for some to picture what it is like to imagine being without a physical body. I am not talking about the lack of a body as in death but rather how the larger basic components of the human unit fit together. I am going to describe and give a picture of how it is and also give you evidence of how what I am going to say is true.


Here is what I know.


If we removed the physical body from the picture of existence, what is left is an essence of the self that is normally called the spirit. This Spirit is borne on a swaying spirit body.


The spirit body looks like mist and has a shape that is somewhat similar to the physical body. The difference is that you don’t see ankles or feet with toes or elbows and hands with fingers on the spirit body.  Rather it’s a shape that looks more or less like the shape of the ginger bread man biscuit with curves less defined than the bottom picture.




It moves and sways from the body by getting elongated to the right side of the physical body whilst holding up the essence of the spirit.  It is never upright. It always slants slightly to the right. I suppose this mist like body is not really mist but a type of field specifically suited to holding up the spirit, similar to our physical bodies carrying  the mind.


To give a clearer analogy, think about the jellyfish



Working together and yet separate:

The jellyfish is held in a swaying body of sea water, of which, part of that sea water is in direct contact with the ground. This jellyfish is not the sea water and neither is the sea water the ground but somehow they work in unison. When they exist separately from this combination, they become totally different in the way they function. Imagine… Is it possible to have the sea without the ground or to have the jellyfish without the sea?


This is how it is with the human spirit. Like the jellyfish help up by sea water, – the spirit remains a separate entity yet it is dependent on the spirit body for movement and yet again it doesn’t move. It sort of perches on the spirit body. Imagine a candle flame, tear or blood drop or water drop swaying in mid air.  As the spirit is held up, it flickers like a candle in the wind and yet the movements are those of the spirit body.  Imagine a bird sitting on a tree that is being blown by the wind. The bird is not moving but if the tree were not visible you would think it’s the bird moving.


Contrary to a belief that is created by imagining the third eye, spiritual power flows through the hands from the heart, hence the expression – ‘the heart knows’.  It is true that wisdom does come through the third eye but here I am talking about power. You can pray with your third eye but you call upon your power by lifting up your hands, literally lifting up your heart to the power!  The picture of the power of the spirit can be depicted by a spirit body holding up a candle flame in it’s right hand.


This is not about other spirits and channeling stuff as discussed in spirituality circles. This is about your individual make up and the power you have that brings or that holds self confidence.


An area of the spirit body is directly in contact with the physical body just like an area of the sea is in direct contact with the ground. A loose kind of connection.


For movement the spirit body elongates to the right of the physical body and then returns to its original position and occasionally sways slightly forwards but somehow never backwards. A backward movement can be observed as that of going back to original position after swaying slightly forward but never  a backward movement as an end in itself. The spiritual body does not speak. It has no blood, mouth or heart. Its a field of energy that just surges in waves like the sea.

The spirit rides on the waves of this spirit body. It is never agitated. It draws deep knowledge and wisdom from the sea of knowledge and yet it is perfectly still. This is why in spiritual circles there is the reference to ‘The Stillness.’  This refers to this part of you. This is the part of you that is the mother of all inspiration.


When you look at the picture of the jellyfish, the sea and the ground you somehow realize the strangeness of their connection. Whilst they create an overall togetherness they also have a loose kind of connection. This is the feeling you will get when looking at the spirit, the spirit body and the physical body. The body moves in its own fashion taking the spiritual body and the spirit with it and yet the spirit body has its own wavy movement, taking the spirit with it but totally independent of the physical body.  It is a bit like the planets. Whilst they revolve around their orbit they have their own spin at the same time, creating two different movements within the same cycle.


The spirit sways but not really of it’s own accord but rather because of the waves of the spirit body. Of course the spirit has its own way of delivering and retrieving wisdom and knowledge. In this, it has its own technicalities that are separate. It kind of does it through some kind of permeability. The spirit body moves in the same fashion that looks like the tree when swayed by gentle wind. The tree does not really get uprooted from the ground but gets elongated in the direction of the influence. Sometimes it’s like observing a flickering like a candle in the wind.  This is a dance that facilitates the exchange of information. Call it ‘The Magical Dance Of life’ if you like.


As the spirit body sways in its fashion the spirit is able to give and collect information. When the spirit body performs this dance of elongating and swaying outwards to the right, it’s a reaching out to hand over information it has received from the body, to the waves that carry information. As the spiritual body returns to its original position, returning the spirit essence with it, the spirit brings new information from the universal wisdom.



I believe this is also why physical dancing is magical. The body sways and simulates the movement of the spirit body, the body and the spirit body are in heightened cohesion and feel closer. Suddenly the body feels lighter and in the flow. In what flow? Well, the spiritual flow. This explains the elation that we feel when we dance. Our physical marries the spiritual.



Sometimes we watch something and naturally feel enthralled without really understanding why. The reason is that we are watching a dance that resonates with our own magical dance of life. To illustrate this more I would like you to look at the dance in this video. The dance of the dolphin, the little boy, the water and MJ. Observe how MJ raises his outstretched arms. The video has  more than 7 million views. This is because people are mesmerized by the magical life dance that is visibly playing out. The wind against a body, the slide, the gliding, the raised arms, is all a flow that resonates with us, hence the popularity of the video.


Without understanding why, you feel enthralled because the other part of the equation of what’s really taking place is invisible and subtle but we connect with it because of our own spiritual delicateness. Think of the expression, “The girl with the wind in her hair.” What feeling do you get?


There is a connotation on the elegant movement of the wind against the body that sort of draws you in on another level other than the physical one. You can’t explain why. But this is because it is a simulation of the movement of the spirit and this movement draws your spirit closer to your body through the same kind of wavy movement and you feel the joy of being in dancing.

This also explains why when someone is traumatized they tend to rock from side to side. The spirit takes over, soothing the individual.

Have you ever wondered why we rock a baby to put it to sleep?


The girl that dances ballet dance mesmerizes us. Another close assimilation of the spirit dance, only the spirit body’s dance is much more gentler and more effortless. It is also one type of movement, that of swaying, and not different styles and directions as in the ballet dance. The closest to the spirit dance in fluidity is that of a tree being blown in a gentle wind or a crowd with raised arms above their heads, gently swaying their arms from side to side in unison.


Movement is special, it is an exchange of information. That is why writers get ideas when they go for a walk.

So the expression that the answer is blowing in the wind by Bob Dylan holds true.  As we sway this way and that way we engage in a formidable dance whose results we can easily observe.


The spirit body is very gentle in all its movements, the spirit a flickering light in the wind. When disturbed, our thinking is troubled and we ask the questions…





Thank you for your interest.


If you would like to know more about what is a human spirit and how you can stay consciously connected with it for a more fulfilling life, full of wisdom, please read the book, ‘The First Law Of Attraction’ by Danielle Pen Cherryvaise.








6 thoughts on “What Is A Human Spirit

  1. If we listen we can hear without our ears, we feel the sound, the movement of our bodies creates our presence , moving without thinking, all our forms are connected. Wonderful post, Pen Cherry thank you.

    • I totally agree Alexander, there is a subtleness to our movement that creates our presence; as we move and so do we become. There is so much that is the graceful language of our true being, whispering and caressing us as we enjoy life. Thank you for your interest. It has been a pleasure reading your comment.



  2. Oh, Danielle, I think you’ve seen this more than the average person!

    This dance, which even the electron cloud performs around the atom, this dance, which causes galaxies to rotate, reaching out to each other…..

    Our power of the will to move initiates the process for us, there is no exterior force, not even prompting, just a gentle, flowing invitation to join this universe-wide work of beauty and strength…..

    Thank you so much for your great work, Danielle!


    • Therese, thank you for gracing me with your presence and your words of wisdom. I shall cherish them.

      Much love



  3. I know there is a difference between soul and spirit!
    The spirit is the light from us, it is more than the eyes can see! There is a mysterious and infinite universe beyond us, very present in reality, a universe that we can feel, which many study!

    A very interesting article!


    I enjoyed reading it!

    • Thank you Dorina. The light that we cannot see very much influences us. It is a pleasure to be on a journey with like minded people. Thank you for visiting my site and for your interest.



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