Thoughts Operating Manual

Thoughts Operating Manual

Understanding the basics of your thinking process is fundamental to your success. We think every day, in-fact every moment, yet we do not have a Thoughts Operating Manual.

Could this be why we fail to use our thoughts to create exactly what we want?

As we think, where do Our thoughts go? What path do they follow? Who or what do they contact? How do they bring back answers to us? Understanding this process alone will change everything in your life as you will learn to direct your thoughts to happiness, success and nip those negative thoughts in the bud.

Have you ever practiced visualization or positive affirmations with no success? Do you know why you failed? I will reveal it to you.

My idea of a Thoughts Operating Manual is a unique one. It’s about the thought process and how thoughts control you!


Knowing this information will help you to stop the destructive patterns of your thoughts.


 I bet you have never thought that you need a Thoughts Operating Manual. Here are some questions for you… When you think, what really happens to your thoughts? Do they travel from you to another place? If so, how do they do this? Do they meet someone or come across something? How do they identify what you want? How do they collect knowledge or wisdom and bring it back to you?


How come someone who is afraid to be found out about what they are doing will repeat the same thing over and over again instead of just stopping it? What thought process is at play?

thoughts-operating-manualYour thoughts process is the other part of your duality. Knowing how your thoughts function is a powerful way to begin your road to personal success and freedom. Your thoughts will always sabotage you until you learn how they work and then you can use them the right way.


I have written a unique Thoughts Operating Manual to give information on the thinking process, for you to know your way to your own self knowledge.

 Most people talk about how your thoughts are what you are, but, have never explained how you become what you are thinking. This lack of information puts you at the mercy of your own thoughts.

That is why most people never succeed with practicing visualization or affirmations. Without the knowledge of how exactly thoughts turn into reality, what you think or dream to do is non-achievable fantasy or short-lived success at best.

My intention is to see people reconnect to their own potential. That way everyone has their own guidance, succeed and attain personal freedom.


Many times we look to other people for solutions to our problems when in-fact we have it in us to freely find our own solutions. This way we are not at anyone’s mercy.

The ‘Thoughts Operating Manual is a tool that hands you the key to your personal roots for you to know how to source your own knowledge.


If you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to ask.  I shall be glad to assist.  Your comments will go a long way in helping others and letting me know what else I can do to help, so you are welcome to be as generous as you like with the comments. :)))

From the one who wishes you well.









29 thoughts on “Thoughts Operating Manual

  1. HI, Danielle. Interesting perspective. I do believe often when we share our experiences with others there is an assumption that we’ve come looking for a solution. I truly believe many times we just want someone who will listen, not judge us, NOT tell us what to do, AND still love us! I should be the poster-girl for jacked up thoughts deterring one from success. Lol. For some odd-reason, my thoughts always start out negative, and you’re right, the positive affirmations hardly ever work for me.

    Interestingly, as much as I think I don’t believe I have ever wondered why or how. I enjoyed your article and realize that we can devise solutions to so many of our supposed issues, if we just listened to one another and took in different perspectives with openness and willingness to learn something new.

    • I totally agree with you – sometimes we just need an ear and total acceptance and even just unconditional love. Your thoughts will bring you success one day please don’t dis them. Lol!

      Negative thoughts have very strong emotion and so it is easy for them to come to the fore without realizing it. This is what the thoughts operating manual discusses in detail and helps with awareness of how to control this.

      Thank you for your interest. I really enjoyed your comment.


  2. I have been studying Personal Developments techniques and trying to acquire the necessary skills since 1960 with some success. Your blog makes perfect sense to me and is similar to what Bruce Lipton says in “The Biology of Belief”. Your writing is very clear and I am fortunate to have found your blog. I will be following you on both this website and Wealthy Associates.

    • Thank you for passing by Roger. Dr Bruce Lipton has explained it so well from a scientific point of view. I came to know him through Lilou Mace’s interviews. I know my information from a non scientific background and when I listened to Dr Bruce Lipton’s YouTube videos, it confirmed my knowledge the scientific way. The challenge is to get this knowledge into as many people’s hands as possible. Thank you for your kind words. I will be glad to have a guest post from you on our Exquisite Relationships Membership platform where we discuss all aspects of relating beginning with how we relate to our self.That includes how we can effectively handle our thoughts to how we can relate as couples. Hope to hear from you soon.

      Thank you for your interest

  3. WOW! This should be the sequel to ‘The Secret’. Being able to explain how your thoughts work and what happens to them is brilliant and demystifies the unexplained. Just Awesome!

    • Hi Jenene. Yes, this is an amazing book and an amazing concept. It is my first true love, not as a product but for the results and joy it brought to my life. I only realized that it is only when I totally understand myself that I can truly connect and love other people and feel the emotion in it’s right context. Not as a replacement to what I think I lack but as pure joy. Real purity of expression that expands life in an amazing way. It is also a key to succeed at whatever anyone wants to do.

      Thank you for passing by and for your interest and I hope the book helps you to find yourself in the same way it helped me find myself. 🙂
      ~ Danielle

    • Yippeee!!! Congratulations and thank you Bob. I can’t wait to hear from you when you finish reading it. Enjoy! I am in the process of creating a private community where I will set up workshops and answer all questions and add more interesting stuff. Buying the book will entitle you to six months of free membership. I will be in-touch 🙂

  4. Hi Danielle, Fab website and what a brilliant title for your book… A glimpse beyond the obvious… sounds magical. I really hear what you’re saying in terms of affirmations generally not working, I’ve always thought them a bit empty myself… looking forward to reading Your thoughts operating manual & getting some answers. I wish you well too.

    • Hi Lauren
      Thank you for passing by and thank you for your interest. Yes, I totally agree. Affirmations do not work for most people. I will be in-touch beginning of Dec. The manual will be ready and you can start on a new exciting journey.

      Wishing you all the best
      ~ Danielle

      • Hi Danielle, I bought your book & found it fascinating… thanks. Looking forward to your next book & would love to hear more of your personal story. Would you like to write a guest post on my website?

        • Hi Lauren
          Thank you for buying my book. This is a thank you for me and a thank you for you as I know after reading that book that you will never look at your thinking the same way again. It is exciting to know that you found it fascinating. I am in the process of setting up a platform for a community based on the idea of the books. It is time for human beings to have a better time in this life! I surely will write a guest post on your website, thank you – it is an honour. I am going to send you an email message. The next book will be ready at the end of December – hopefully.
          Wishing you success
          ~ Danielle

    • Hi Peter and thank you for your interest. I will definitely let you know when the book is ready. Thank you for passing by. Have a great day. Cheers :))) Danielle

  5. pencherry

    Your words of wisdom is very powerful and encouraging.
    Thanks so much for sharing. you have given me a sign of hope that i may too can follow and become just as inspiring and motivate other to share and express as well. Ive started my journey with personal development and each day i learn something from people like yourself. So im grateful for your Page.

    Thank you

    • Hi Rudy and thank you for passing by. When I started I said to myself, ‘If I can inspire but one person then a dream will have been fulfilled.’ Thank you for being part of that dream. When you have a passion and never quit you always realize the dream. Keep going with your journey on personal development. All the things you dream of will eventually unfold. Wishing you all the success.

      Pen Cherry

  6. Hiya Danielle.

    Very interesting article you’ve posted here. This kind of reminds me of some so-called shaman books I came across years ago where thought processes were analysed and broken down into parts that didn’t fit the normal framework but were true, never the less.

    One of the concepts was about how we view and label ourselves according to what we think we want others to think about us, but really we are just filling what we believe to be their expectations of us, so we are not being ourselves.

    Your article sounds like your book will be a little off-the-normal-shelf, if you get what I mean? I will look forward to getting a copy (can I have a discount – LOL)?

    Catch yo soon, Andre

    • Hi Andre.

      Thank you for popping in. Yes, my book is a little off-the-normal-shelf. When I wrote it I thought it were a normal book like every other book until I got a reaction from my publisher. She couldn’t stop talking to me to try to work something out about how I came up with that content. I was a bit shocked with her reaction. Sadly she died before we could publish it.

      I will be in-touch when it’s ready.

      Thank you for passing by.
      Danielle 🙂

  7. Hey there

    Great article I like the way you write your personality shines through your content. I am a fan of your article I found it very easy to understand.

    Great tips I always was one of those guys who never understood this. I would like to learn more. Do you have another related article ?

    Thank you for sharing this article I have shared the contents with my cousin because I know she will enjoy this article as well.

    Thank you


    • Thank you Jack, I am delighted that you like my article. It’s brilliant to read that you are a fan of my article and thank you for complimenting the way I write.

      I am in the process of writing a related article that explains the relationship between the thought process and personal identity. I will let you know through your email when I am done. The actual manual will be ready on the 1st of December.

      Thank you again for sharing this article with your cousin. I hope she will enjoy it as much as you did. I am glad to be of service and will be happy to assist with any questions she might have.

      Lovely meeting you here.

      🙂 ~ Danielle

  8. Hi! Such mysterious info :-p I Love this stuff. I will definitely be getting a copy. :-p Ill be sure to feature your book on my site 😀 my thoughts are what tormented me, and finally deciding to get to know my thoughts, turned them into a source of life and love. My life changed drastically because of this concept, for the better. It’s real people!

    Good luck Danielle 🙂

    • Hi Randi-Lynne!
      Lovely meeting you here. Yes, knowing exactly how our thoughts control us is a basic everyone should know for their happiness and success. Thoughts are much, much more than we are aware. They make up half of our wisdom field, the other half is something else I talk about in another book. I started with thoughts because thoughts alone will help anyone to understand about a lot of the negativity that goes on in a personal life. Exciting isn’t it!

      I am sure you will enjoy this book since you already have walked a conscious path with your thoughts. Thank you for offering to feature my book on your website. It will go a long way in getting the book into as many hands as possible and that is a turn around for the better for more people.

      And yes, you are right, this is the mysterious stuff of the human form.

      Thank you Randi-Lynne. I will be in-touch 🙂

  9. Hi Danielle,

    Loving your spirit and determination to self publish your book and all the empowerment that you are bringing with it. I’m a fan already.

    Good Luck in your adventure 😉


    • Hi Hana, thank you for gracing me with your presence. I am excited and blessed with your interest. I will definitely let you know when the book is ready!

      Wishing you all the success in your life.

      ~ Danielle 🙂

  10. I simply cannot wait for your book. I am on the right path to achieving massive success…I know this for a fact. I would like to get a copy of your book and add more to what I know and do. Thanks for sharing. I have also sent you a message on Wealthy Affiliate. All the best to you!

    • Hello Pete, what a blessing you are! You are the first to make a comment on my site! The first ever! The first shower of blessings for my book. I am so delighted because I said to myself, if I can be a source of inspiration even to just a single person then I will be happy to have contributed to making a difference in the world. Thank you for fulfilling my wish and I hope you are the first of many. The book will be ready for sale end of October.
      Once again, thank you for passing by.
      ~ Danielle

  11. Hi and thank you for staying around thus far. Even though I cannot meet you in person, I know it’s a blessing to my day and yours to meet in such a way. Thank you for gracing us with your presence. 🙂

    ~ Danielle

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