The True Concept of a Relationship

The True Concept of a Relationship

The true concept of a relationship is  that the two become one and in doing so they create a team of one. If you watch the rise and or fall of relationships this is a crucial step in experiencing the true concept of love in a relationship. If couples don’t reach this stage and there are so many variants that can cause this to happen or not, it is like a fork in the road one leads to happiness invoking conjugal love and evolving the couple and the other to decay and the dissolution of the relationship.

It is at this point where the values become apparent, the couple that works as a team develop as individuals and also as a couple this is where that collective thinking comes in, not as separate but it is the combining of essences and values of the individuals. Couples or groups can develop this collective thinking, a coming together. This would relate more to folks that do not  go to church or have faith.

As for folks that have faith, it becomes a trinity between the couple and God, so there is a little difference but the key is that folks are moving from the position of being  single to becoming a couple then to becoming a super couple and that is the development of the concept of conjugal love, the trinity is love, understanding and wisdom born of the connections that are being made.

The hardest thing for couples these days is when they couple up, to a degree they have to leave some of their inner insecurities at the door of that connection, if they don’t they tend to take their learned behaviors into the relationship.  That can be a limiting factor and the sad thing is that people don’t even realize that they are doing exactly that.

For young folks it is about being at each stage of the journey of life,  As we move forward we leave certain things behind as new things appear. I am reminded of the little ones where they go through that phase when girls think boys are silly, smelly things and boys think that girls are so silly and you would not want anything to do with them lol.  That changes as we know, as we get to our teenage years lol!

We are hard wired  to make those connections. The trouble is that the way society has evolved and the thing that many struggle with, is the internet in all of its glory or lack of it.  I have been talking to this guy yesterday who is involved with a youth out reach program, looking at high school age kids and the impact that the internet is having on relationships. The ready access to porn from both the boys and girls perspective, the spread of std’s and drug and alcohol use and abuse,  kids are being exposed to things that a generation ago were not even on the radar.

Even in little communities it is a big deal, one that largely goes unnoticed. Folks are starting the relationship journey from a real muddled up position and so how do folks arrive at the door of conjugal love? What are the positive gains to be made? Why do we need to head in that direction… and the biggie – how on earth do we go about doing that?

The process for the couple is an unfolding one.  There is a process as we have agreed but then things happen that tip the balance. Something quite innocent becomes something different and takes on an energy, each comes from their experiences and conflict and mistrust evolves and so the seeds of doubt are sown. For most couples that is the start of a downward slide. This is how the relationship starts to change, usually right at the onset of the relationship but the couple is too caught up in the initial excitement of their relationship to take any notice and the relationship subtly continues to pile up negative incidences. Yet,  if you look at it from a connective point of view then it is an opportunity to evolve into conjugal love which is an ongoing process.

The ideal, for many, will not be achieved. Every couple faces problems, it is how these problems or hickups are resolved that will make the difference.  For many – they have no tools to handle this and so the problems are not addressed at all and so they slide away. It is that simple and just a continuation of what was before.

I see this all the time,  I am continually amazed by the amount of folks that are breaking up.  It is almost to tidal wave proportions, it is amazing. Without that journey based on developing that love which is based on giving and receiving in equal proportion then the road becomes harder. The key, it turns out, is to focus on understanding.

What usually happens in society is that something is not right or something has gone wrong – ‘right on chaps we have to find someone or thing to blame’ – the consummate blame game, it is played out every day. The subject is so massive. How on earth are we equipped to even tackle the mountain? This is beyond many, it would be like trying to climb mount Everest with a nice little summer shirt, shorts and sandals on.

Far out just a few thoughts there.  This is a starting point folks, for more information go to the paid membership. Wow, this is so massive,  a couple alone in their natural love will not manage. This is the reason for the creation of this website.

We  hope that we haven’t put too much information  your way and made you feel overwhelm but such is the nature of relationships. They can be overwhelming and there arises a need to seek help to make things go right. This website serves that purpose. Subscribe to our membership and we will help you to sail through.

You will get to know how to build a truly blissful relationship, you will know how to go around all those challenging issues, mostly caused by thoughts. In short, you will learn to create a blissful life for yourself and have fun doing it.

Even though we all go into relationships, half of the time we have to learn what to do through trial and error and mostly never getting to the truth about what to do be it within the intimacy of it or the day to day communication.

Most problems are addressed when things have already started souring in a relationship. We say, why not put it right, right from the beginning? This is what this site is about – knowing how to put it right in relationships, right from the beginning.

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Thank you for your visit. This is likely to be a day you will look back on and you will be grateful that you visited this site. We make a difference in people’s lives and we know we will make a difference in yours.

Where is the journey going to take you?… wonderful places! Rise up and celebrate and rest in the love of all that is good and all that we hold close. Do not be a lodger in your relationship, your mind or in your relationship with you. Find a place that you call home in all these things.

This universe that we live in holds many puzzles for us all, we stand at the cusp of our purpose, we spin through our time, challenged to shine like the stars in the skies, shine love to all that are in need, shine a light into the wilderness, bringing the vision of love to all that need love, for those that are challenged, for all those that are lonely, the down trodden, the poor in money and soul, love and  the realization of their true purpose, bring that universal love, let it make its face to shine on all that need to be loved.

Did we dream it or are we too floating on that shapeless faceless ocean driven across the ages in search of the love that was always there always waiting to be seen, seen shinning across all time, that feeling of the home coming, coming back to the bosom of the core of essence and the essence of eternity . Safe in the knowledge that  you have transcended all the knowledge and it is time to travel home.

Love and peace be with you,  may these be your cradle, the solace of your soul that floats on that faceless ocean of love.

Yours always across time and beyond the ages, beyond the ocean of love and pure light.

Your favourite self team


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