The Real Magic Formula For Success

The Real Magic Formula For Success

We all look for the magic button or formula for success and I am glad to confirm that there is indeed one, without a doubt! I know you are used to being told that there is no magic formula for success but hard work. Contrary to that advice there is a magic formula for success.  Hard work is only third in the formula for success sequence. Don’t let anyone fool you into the idea that only through hard work can you succeed. That is the biggest lie I ever heard. It’s a way to enslave people without giving them the true ingredient for success.

Hard work without the other two ingredients never creates the kind of success you are looking for. In the end most people are just used for the purpose of working hard for other people with no success ever knocking on their door. To have the best relationship, to make money or even to have success doing simple tasks in life, everyone needs to know this unique and magical  formula for success. Don’t be used by other people, get to know the magic formula and use it for your own success.   It is all laid out in this post. This is extremely special content for exquisite relationship paid  members only.

The magic formula for success is about three elements, your world,  the physical world and your actions, all connected through your thoughts. There is a small step  between your world and the physical world that makes all the difference to achieve success.

Your world is the world where you think and see things in your own way. It is infinite and you are capable of putting  anything you desire into it by means of creating mental models of the things you desire and you get to keep those things in your world by holding up the perceptions of your mental models.  You can virtually put anything and everything you desire in it and you will never run out of space. You can imagine and daydream all you want and have as many mental models of things you desire in it. Call it your imaginary world if you like. I like to call it my creative world where I use my imagination to the fullest.

The physical world is just that, physical. It doesn’t think or move except when moved by you or someone else or the wind, otherwise in the physical world things stay put till someone else moves them. Clothes in a wardrobe will not move and go on you because they see you are naked. You actually have to think about the look you want for the day and decide to get dressed and then move your hands to get a piece of clothing and put it on. You don’t need permission from anyone to accomplish this. You just do it. This is the same power that you possess to move things in order to succeed.


Because we live and work in the physical world, your world co-exists with the physical world.  There is something to keep in mind about the relationship between your world and the physical world, it is this – Things will not be there for you in the physical world unless you can first create them in your own world AND THEN hold them there. Most people don’t have a problem of creating what they want in their world. The problem is in holding the things there ready for transferring into the physical world. This is the step that defines failure – not lack of hard work.

Having decided what it is you want or wish to do, the next action is to decide that it is complete in your world. This means the creation is complete and alive in your world and it is time take action and download it into the physical world, this then completely completes the cycle. Why is it like this? It is because as individuals we live in our universe that creates the models of what we want, but we also live in the physical universe. So a cycle is really complete when models transition and finally exists in the physical world. This is the definition for success in anything. This is the way you can have stuff AND KEEP IT in your life.

Your success depends on your ability to create mental models of what you want in your world first and then deciding that these things are complete in your world. This can be anything, a job you want to tackle, a relationship you want to have, a car you want to buy. I think it is easy for anyone to understand this process,  but the step of deciding that those mental models from your world are complete before trying to move them into the physical world is the one that is missing. I will soon explain why this step is crucial.

Most of us put stuff in our universe willy nilly without putting much thought in it. The second problem is being able to keep those things in our world and so it is hard to have or keep them in the physical world. An example of this scenario is this. A person desires to have a certain car. They have not thought much about it, money was available and so they go and buy this new car. And because they have not created and held a mental model of it in their world first and decided that having the car is the complete cycle, they have broken a natural law. They have moved stuff in the physical world that they do not have in their world. So what happens? Within a short time the car will be a wreck. Why is this? The physical world is influenced by your world and so you will not be able to keep anything in the physical world that has not been decided upon and kept in your world first.

When you want to create something, you have got to do it in your world first then move it into the physical world to enjoy. If you don’t create it in your world first then you have nothing to move into the physical world and so you will not be able to have anything although temporarily you may possess some things in the physical world.

Your world is limitless and you can put anything you want in it. When the positive thinker teachers teach about creating a vision, that is what they are talking about only they miss a little but very crucial step in their teaching. This is what I am giving you right here. Creating mental models of what you want and holding them up in your world is where your success potential lies. You can create anything and see it in your mind’s eye, This is your world. The power of imagination. It’s a place you exist in infinity.  It is not a space that is in your head but it exists as a vast universe and you can use your mind and thoughts to put things in it.

Ssshhhh  what is the key to success

The big secret is that you have to be able to hold those mental models in your world and through a little step transfer them into the physical world. This is the process for success. This is the unique unknown secret to success. Almost anyone can create things in their world but not many are aware that they have to be held there and then moved from there into the physical world. That is the step missing in a lot of teachings if not all teachings.

A person is as successful as he is able to create in his own world first. Inventions only existed in someone’s world first at some point, so it is true that you can move your mental model into the physical world for your own use and enjoyment or for another’s use and enjoyment.

Here is the real secret… to shift anything into the physical world, it has to truly exist first in your world. When you are planning or seeing the vision of your model, it is just a plan or idea. At that point you can even doubt it’s true existence.

You have to make it vibrate, kind of breathe life into it…

It’s that little step but VERY CRUCIAL. If you miss this step your mental model will never see the light of day in the physical universe. Your model has to truly exist to whatever complete stage you want it be before you can move it into the physical world. You have to be able to feel it vibrating. Matter vibrates even though we can’t see the vibration with our eyes.

The way to do this is, decide on what you desire. Go over it with different ways and angles it can be till you have worked out the exact way you want it be. Having done that, decide that, that  it is complete. (very important, this is the only way you will have what you want) Predetermine that what you have put there in your world is now complete. Now you can take inspired action to bring it into manifestation in the physical universe.

You have to decide in advance before you transfer it to the physical universe that it is complete.  Make that decision. This step brings your model to life. It begins to vibrate within your body, ready to be moved or created into being physical. Before this step your model is just a thought, a picture and lifeless, completely removed from your body and physical world and it can easily fade away into the abyss, it cannot be moved because it doesn’t exist. Any action you take to try to move it will run into problems or things that stop you from taking any action because there is nothing there to move. You will try to force issues.  Forcing issues or too much effort is an indication of trying to move something that does not exist in one’s mind or another’s. It doesn’t work because there is nothing to move, Force is a result of trying to create something that has not been activated into life. Force means the model does not really exist. It’s just a plan, just another vision. It has to change form from being a plan,  picture, a model to a real vibrating thing in your body.

All that is needed to do this is to use your vibration to make it vibrate and this is done by making a conscious decision that it is complete. We are  vibration and we create through vibration. So when you decide that your model is complete you are declaring that it lives and so this brings your idea to life. It starts to vibrate within you and so it is. It comes alive. In that process of confirming that it’s complete, you sent your vibration to activate it into existence. You then wear the vibration of your model. Ever heard of people saying that you must think of what you want as though it has already happened? This is what they mean. It is difficult for most to understand it because just saying it that way excludes the explanation of the step for the predetermined completeness of the mental model.

When you look at your mental model after this step, it will feel different. You will see that it is alive and you are now able to strongly hold up the creation in your world.  If it’s a house you will see the lights come on, all the different rooms, with you living in it. If you don’t predetermine that it is complete, it never comes to life. You have that power in that step to change things. This is the power you hold within you to create what you want. The decision that your mental model is complete before you start taking action to work on it. Before you act on anything, see it in all it’s glory and then decide that it is complete. Before this step all your creations are kind of flimsy.

Feel it vibrate through you. Slowly things and people and ideas will come to you for the steps to bring down your complete project into the physical world. The taking of the action is the transferring part of the project.  This is the hard work part. It’s the easiest though. When taking action is hard, it means you are working on nothing created, you will come across many obstacles.  You will plan on something and have many things come in your way and at the end of the day not do what you planned to do and have a lot of excuses to explain why it didn’t happen. But the truth is, you never really created the action or model and predetermined that it was complete.

Have you ever had that situation where you planned to have something happen and no matter how hard the situation became, you managed to do what you planned to do? This is the situation when you have done things right.  Whatever you create and predetermine it’s complete in your world, always happens in the physical world when you take inspired action.

A person is as successful as he is able to create and hold up his creations in his own universe first. 
If you ever have trouble getting a job completed, then make a mental model of it to the final end result and decide that it’s complete. Any obstacles that you had on the completion of the job will disappear. Practice putting things you want in your world like this until you feel comfortable creating and holding up your models in your world .
When a person makes a predetermined decision that something is complete within his own universe, it will always come about. When it does’t come about within the physical world or within another person’s world, there are three reasons why it has not happened: 
1. You did not really make the step of predetermining that it is complete in your world. 
2. You concentrated on someone else’s creations in their world. 
3. You have a problem within your own mind, like past failure which bring fear against your ability to see or predetermine completion of creations in your universe. Be aware of picking up other people’s thoughts or ideas and going along with them. These are creations which they have decided upon within their own world. This can only produce  results for you if you go into this agreement and you also consciously recreate it/ put it in your universe and decide on a definite outcome/breathe life into it as described above. If you don’t do it this way, focusing on another’s creations in their universe is going off track and a waste of time. 

So there are three steps to success

  1. Imagine or create your project, action or job in your world, that is, make a mental model of it.
  2. Decide that it’s now complete, This step brings your project to life and ready to be transferred to the physical world. You really have to make a conscious decision that the project is complete. Whatever you declare complete at whatever stage you want, that is what you will definitely have in the physical universe. It is therefore important to see the model in your world in it’s truly complete stage. And it is equally important to make a mental  decision that it is complete.
  3. Take inspired action towards achieving your goal. This is the process of transferring your model into the physical world.

Transferring the model will involve other people’s worlds and so you will need to know how to properly communicate with other people so that they can get what it is you need help with.

If you don’t create any model in your world you will have nothing to download into the physical world no matter how hard you work. This is also why when you work for other people it is always about those other people. They control you and your world. This is why most people do not succeed. They start by just trying to acquire things that just come to mind when those things don’t really exist anywhere in their world. The physical world is patterned from your world or another’s world and so when there is nothing in your world there is nothing to move into the physical world. Whatever you try to create will not hold. If you have difficulty completing any task, create it in your world first, decide it is complete, then go to work, you will be amazed with how much you will accomplish.

I have decided to concentrate on relationships on this website because relationships are the biggest challenge in our lives. Relationships are a challenge because they are about creating in individual worlds, coordinating the mental models of each and then discussing and getting to the complete mental model together making it into a single model shared by both, then both deciding that it is complete and then acting together to bring it into being. The two shall become one, you get the idea? I’m sure you do. This is the most challenging task of all for the human beings and no one has told couples about this.

The rest of the other stuff one can work and create a mental image on their own and work with it. In matters concerning a relationship this is not possible. Coordination and agreement is key for the survival of a relationship. This is why communication and running different ideas till a proper conclusion is reached is key. Most relationships fail because they have NEVER been created by the couple to begin with.

A recap – the magical success formula :-

First, there is a thought about what you want and then creating a model of it in your world.
Second, There must always be a predetermined decision that it is complete.
Then finally shift it into the physical world.  Action is shifting what you have in your universe into the physical universe. In many cases people don’t put any thought into what they want to do let alone predetermine that it’s complete, then holding the complete model up in their mind as they work at it; therefore, they are thinking and acting incorrectly. When there is no predetermined end result in your world, your thoughts will float in time and the action to bring it into being will never get performed or any attempts to work at it will meet obstacles. In other words, if there is no predetermined decision of completion, consequently, the cycle of action never takes place. The person fails.


Enjoy your new creations and adventures.



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