The First Law Of Attraction

      The first law of attraction manual fills a missing gap in the law of attraction game.

Have you followed all that is said about attracting whatever you want, did affirmations and positive self talk but you still were not satisfied with the result? Have you wondered about all the answers being within but you have never located this within? This is because we have skipped the first law of attraction.

Here is the first law of attraction:

Attract your favourite self first! And only then will you know how to attract those things that you really Desire. Anything!  ~ Danielle Pen Cherryvaise

This first law of attraction is the missing piece to the whole law of attraction and personal knowledge puzzle. I have a part of me that gives me original answers and everyone has a part of them like that. It is that part that each person must attract first in order to be able to properly use the rest of the law of attraction. Before this step is achieved, it’s impossible for anyone to have faith in what they know or what they desire to attract.

We are all born with an ability to succeed using two things as basics. The first is the ability to use our thinking process and the second is the ability to attract the original genius in all of us. The combination of these two is the hot bed for definite success.

Potential is much, much more than the word implies. Potential is synonymous with our mysterious identity. When you finally know where your potential lies, you will have solved the riddle of your mysterious real identity. After that you can create money, attract the right sort of people, create the best relationships and joy in your life.

When we are born, All we seem to have is our parents and our environment to reveal our human user guide. If one is born to cruel parents – so be it! That-will-be-their-user-guide! We learn about everything through trial and error. But it would be unfair to navigate life this way, with no hope of ever getting it right. If in school we didn’t have the answers somewhere there would be no point in going to school, would there? Why then would Creation not provide us with authentic answers somewhere within our life? What would be the point to live life if we didn’t have a place to find the answers to our quests? Some would like to make us believe that we get the answers when we die. I beg to differ as this would render life on earth useless! Every universe is complete in itself. As humans we come with and have our own complete package.

We all have a basic make-up that is capable of creating and handling anything that life throws at us. If we didn’t have this, Creation would be in error! Making you stuck with something you have no choice in. But Creation never makes an error.

We learn to look at our parents and copy what they do. We go to school and learn to copy from the teacher. We look at society and again learn to copy what’s expected of us. We look at successful people and they become our mentors and heroes. But where does an original inventor get his invention from? Whom does he or she copy from? Is this not proof of another pathway?  The human in his or her original or natural function mode is an originator!



There are some people who have had the worst kind of life with their parents and society but they have risen above their challenges. Where does the inspiration come from? There are people who have managed and survived the worst accident by some very last minute chance. What is the guidance in place? There are those incidences where people tell extraordinary stories of survival, what actually is behind those miracles? What is instinct or rather who is instinct?

When you look at all this you actually realize that there is something else at play beyond human control. Most people assign those things they can’t explain, to God. Who is God? I am sure no one can answer this question fully but I can answer another question whose answer is nearly as good as or even better than answering that question.
Who is the genius in all of us?

The manual, ‘The First Law Of Attraction,’ fully answers this question. The genius in you is Your Favourite Self. It is the part of you that holds the magical power to create and attain as much as you like and for as long as you want? It is that part of us that saves us from danger and gives us nuggets to succeed that no-one else can? The who and where this genius is, is the subject of the above manual. It is because of this genius in us that we always applaud originality and we always want to be our best.


This is because our life purpose is about bringing out that genius in us. We do this through the first law of attraction. Attract Your Favourite Self First.


The above manual in now on sale, look to the right column at the top. Get yourself a copy and begin the journey to an exciting and successful life. Discover Your Favourite Self.

2 thoughts on “The First Law Of Attraction

  1. Danielle, what you are saying, makes sense from my own experiences as well.
    The almost sexual excitement from within is always more attracting than the best ideas of my searching mind…

    • I like the way you put it! There is something within us that surpasses all else. A kind of knowing oneself that stirs the body a certain way. I really appreciate your passing through here. Keep visiting. You are most welcome! :)))~Danielle

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