How to look for love – true lasting and ever increasing pure love

How to look for love – true lasting and ever increasing pure love

There can exist a love so rare between a man and a woman. A love that is true, supercharged, lasting and ever increasing. This website’s theme is about how to look for that love, to get to know and experience that true, lasting and ever increasing, pure, supercharged love. It is a journey that starts from the most basic basic.

I have failed many times in relationships. When we fail we wake up to the idea of questioning and observing things, of wanting to learn about thriving. I started wondering what there is really to relationships, and to love. I searched and read many articles and sacred texts and found a mention of this unusual love but I could barely understand it. Not until I experienced it.

Because this love is so rare, couples start on the journey to find it but they stop short somewhere along the way because there are no instructions on how to look for it. This is the highest form of love, the one that gives birth to all other loves. When a man and a woman come together in a relationship, they initially experience the other forms of love and unfortunately stall before they get to know this highest, supercharged form of love. We all instinctively look for this love but we get lost because we don’t know how to look for and find it. Sometimes we mistakenly think we have found it only to be disillusioned.

Men and women are different. We all know that. We all can see that physically. This is also true in terms of what their purpose as a gender is. The woman has the ability to receive the seed and nurture pregnancy. She carries the basic instinct of nurturing that has to be activated in a relationship.

The man has inbuilt natural strength. He is the protector and the facilitator. No woman can make herself pregnant. The man’s role in this is to facilitate and protect hence he is gifted with more physical strength and the ability to get wise in his role.  No matter how liberated we get, certain things in nature will always be. Pregnancy will always be a woman’s role. The seed of wisdom and protection is carried by the man. He can’t be gifted with the role of protectiveness and not be gifted with the wisdom of how to do it.

A man, in his facilitator role requires wisdom. A woman in her nurturing role requires love. The roles that a man and a woman fulfill when they come together is to  fully activate and fulfill their respective rolls. If and when they do it right, in the  long run, when they are in mutual, reciprocal union they become one in their vibration. This composite oneness in vibration is purified into the supercharged love and within that they come full circle in their roles – an exquisite and delightful place to be.

What is this supercharged love?

Supercharged love is an essence. Here is something to help you understand this concept. Everything has an essence. Essence is the inherent nature of something that determines it’s character. For example, the human being has the essence of being human. A dog has the essence of being a dog. Even a stone has the essence of being a stone. A tree has an essence of being a tree, a bird… everything has it’s  specific essence. Supercharged love is an essence in it’s own right. It exists and bonds to those that genuinely look for it.

There is ONLY one thing that has the ability to totally fulfill a human being. It is the essence of delight.  That feeling of being, of pleasure, happiness and joy all rolled into one. This is the character of the essence of this love and a special one at that. It is the essence above every other essence. It is the all consuming vibration of the soul, this is  supercharged love. It is a level of pure pleasurableness without excitation from lust.  It comes about in any relationship from the mutual synchronicity and reciprocation of the two partners.

The supercharged love is an essence that permeates our human essence when our relationship with our partner rises in vibration to a oneness. Oneness is rising high enough to cohesion. When we harbor a pure mind towards our relationship we rise till we become one with purity and we feel the delights that come with this and this becomes supercharged love.


The True supercharged lasting love concept.

Most people are unaware of the existence of a love so true, supercharged and everlasting. It comes about from a combination of things that most never think of putting together. It is the fact of our natural form or essence of existence.

Every human needs to grow in order to get to happiness. This growth in it’s final stage is the supercharged true and lasting love.

The woman expresses more of her human essence through her feelings and the man more of his essence through practical wisdom.  Our desire is and has always been to be happy. That happiness is truly attained through combining her true nurturing essence to his practical wisdom. She exhibits the nurturing side of our essence whilst he ensures the essence’s, continued existence through practical wisdom.

If she holds her nurturing without the means to fully understand her essence she remains stagnant and unhappy. Her means of understanding her essence is through the man. If a man has an inkling to his wisdom but does not have the expression of that understanding he is lost and therefore unhappy. His means to this full expression is through a woman. The reciprocal communication of these two roles in a loving relationship gives birth to an exquisite supercharged delight wherein we can know who we are. This is the true, supercharged and lasting love. Most couples never get to this point. They give up well before they realize what this supercharged love is and that is equal to giving up on the self.

This is the principle theme on this website. We show the way to where and how to begin in finding this supercharged love which is equally about the ultimately finding of the self. This is about the unveiling of the real YOU.

This is a very easy thing or state to attain. The steps on how to look for this love are what we discuss in the forum.

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