How To Develop Self Confidence

How To Develop Self Confidence


Most people worry because they have no self confidence but building self confidence or a lack of it is a part of us all. It is nothing to worry about but something to be excited over. As a new born baby you come with lack of skills and have to build yourself through examples in your environment.



Self confidence is made not born. Therefore I want you to know that by the time you leave this website you will know

  • how to develop self confidence,
  • how to build self confidence,
  • how to build self esteem,
  • how to gain self confidence,
  • how to improve self confidence or
  • how to increase self confidence.

All the above imply the same thing.



The good news is that with every step and every action we take we are increasing self confidence. It feels discouraging  sometimes because it’s a game of hit and miss as we are working with insufficient information but that doesn’t matter. As long as you keep trying you will get there.



How much time does it take to get it right, to feel confident? This question reminds me of a song I used to sing a lot when I was younger. Here… I will share it with you before I continue.


I digressed… lets get back to business. Lol! Hope you enjoyed that song.


To answer the question – ‘How much time does it take to get it right?’ We have to look at what is self confidence and then see what is required to get there?



From my search on internet here is the definition of Self Confidence that I got – ‘a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgement.’



To have a feeling of that trust in the self, I believe you must have a strong sense of the self. To have a strong sense of the self you must first know who this self is. I personally believe this is where every human has a glitch.



Who are you? Truly… and  what is your potential? Most people guess on this one and I know the answer is far off the mark.



We attempt to do things before we understand who we are. This is how everything we do is a case of hit and miss.

The questions I have from the above are: –


  • How is it possible to have a feeling of trust in one’s abilities?
  • I won’t even go to the qualities part of this because that is the biggest problem here.
  • How do we talk about quality when we have no idea what we are judging it against!
  • How can you know how good anything is when you have no idea of how much potential is that thing has?



When you know exactly what potential there is then it’s possible to know if results are good or far below potential.


We have never been introduced to how we basically function. What do we use to decipher original make up. What are we made of? What antenna do we have so that we CAN talk about judgement? From what point of view do we see our qualities or judge anything? What is the level of beingness that is common to everyone from where we can talk about everything else without confusion?




It is ONLY when we can find that base from where we all operate that we can begin to trust in our abilities.  Trusting our abilities comes from a knowledge of our potential. Only when we know our potential can we carry out anything with self confidence.




Books have been written, the law of attraction has come and gone and yet we still struggle.

When we think, how do we know we are coming from a point of original beingness? How do we know it’s not from the figment of our imagination? Most of the time we actually think and act from our fears. Self confidence comes from a place of knowing and not guessing. Knowing comes from understanding how we are basically. Only then do we know what qualities we have and when we choose to judge our abilities it is from this place of authenticity.




Because we are born clueless of what we are supposed to do and not knowing a single thing but copying from our environment, lack of confidence is a natural part of each individual. My duty now is to explain where we are coming from and who we are basically. From this explanation, those who understand it, will naturally acquire self confidence.




We are a human species, blessed with emotion, thought and intuition. Harmonizing these three creates the basic coherent self that we basically are.  If these are not in harmony we get confused. We lose the ability to build self confidence.




Where Do You Begin?

The following links will lead to extremely interesting information on  this website about getting to know oneself. Take your pick and slowly you will move towards understanding how to build self confidence.

Get Started:

  • Know Thy Basic Self
  • Understand your Thinking Process
  • The Underlying Force That Connect Us All


May the wind of self confidence blow your way!



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6 thoughts on “How To Develop Self Confidence

  1. Wonderful information for us all on how to develop self confidence Danielle, I appreciate that you specify that self confidence is developed and that we are not born with it. Our potential is so much more than we will ever know and it is our job to go beyond what we perceive as the limits as well and even moreso the limits that others may try to box us in with either on purpose or accidentally. The world is full of so called rules and limitations until someone comes along and breaks them and excels beyond them.

    Thank you so much my Positive Friend for the Blessed way that you have of sharing with us all here,


    • Hi Tony

      I think that the playing field is quite fair in that we can choose to develop our self confidence and excel.

      Thank you for your amazing perception Tony.



  2. Hi Danielle,
    I fully understand where you are coming from here. I know in my early business career (well first 10-12 years to be precise…) I undersold myself so much because I never had the self confidence to really sell myself for what I was worth. I am sure it would have made my life a whole lot easier if I had believed in my abilities earlier and charged accordingly rather than just being thankful for the opportunity to do something I enjoyed, but we all live and learn….
    And once you have that self confidence then you find doors opening which were otherwise closed to you.

    • Haven’t we all been there Tony. Which is really a draw back. If we all could just have a strong belief in ourselves and our abilities right from the word go then we will sooner achieve our goals.

      Thank you for your contribution.



  3. Oh, Danielle, when I did the last stint of one of my cleaning contracts, I was in a rhythmic motion of task, allowing my mind to unfold and produce its own thoughts, NOT coming from previous thoughts…..
    The result was a NEW thought stream, the idea of a system of healing tones, that can be set up on a table, and sounded, preferably by a small group…..out of the middle of that specific pattern comes a stream of live energy…….

    Needless to say, it made me put everything else on hold again……

    It’s the exact thing I was placed on earth to bring……

    Thank you for the ongoing help through your wonderful work!

    Cheers and a Great Blessing,

    • That sounds really exciting Therese! I think it’s time to explore this idea further. Find ways and means to put it into practice so you know for real. Not that I doubt what you said but so that you can begin to actually put the energy into the universe. Is there a way for you to have this table with healing tones set up? One thing I know for sure is that DNA responds to sound. This is why people who suggest negative things to other people do a lot of damage. I am keen to see that table in use.

      It is also amazing how it is that we get original unfoldings. You are an inventor Therese! Do not doubt what you get and I also believe there is power in acting on it as soon as you can. That is also the definition of power – acting on something soonest. I know I promised you some time back that I would write to you about it but things got hectic. I will send you an email again.

      It is also wonderful and fulfilling that you know what you are here for. Makes life much easier, fun and your self confidence soars!.

      Thank you Therese. Let’s continue this via email.

      Infinite Blessings



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