God and the Power Of Man

Do not let me start on this one and no this is not a preacher’s sermon it’s a visionary’s viewpoint and one that will be totally different from the preacher’s. God and the Power of Man. In this post is an illustration of where man gets his true power


I always prayed to Jesus as preached by most. One day my 6 month old son was ill and I was desperate. I just wanted him to stop feeling the pain. As I lay in bed holding him I prayed to the sacred heart of Jesus, as I had been taught.  Jesus replied and said,  “put your son on your chest, just above where your heart is and declare and say, “I am love” and feel that love and let it wash over your son.


Sleepily I did as instructed.  I fell asleep in the process. When I woke up the following morning my son had no trace of ever being unwell the previous night. I marveled at the miracle. I rejoiced! I was so delighted that the search was over! I now knew the solution to all my problems!



My solution; Easy does it! Pray to the sacred heart of Jesus and boom! all goes well.




And then my problem started when I got that picture…


Mum always kept loads of pictures of the sacred heart of Jesus that has the inscription that if you kneel before that picture….. So I wanted one of those pictures. It was not that I just wanted one, I was desperate to have one! So quickly I sent a message to mum to send one to me as quickly as possible. Which she did. I was over the moon!



Surprise, surprise!



When I held that picture I experienced a kind of anticlimax.



“Why or why!” I cried out to the wilderness. I walked up and down. I was frustrated. After all that effort and excitement! At some point I closed my eyes and Jesus spoke to me again and he said,


“Remember in the bible, it says,”Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not worship them or serve them….”



“When you look at a picture as you pray, you will see that picture and therefore your prayer is directed to the picture and this is not me. I am only a concept not a picture.”



And then he proceeded to say to me. “actually you don’t need to pray to God through me!”



And that startled me. I went, “Ha?” And he said, “yeah, yeah, yeah you don’t need to. YOU can go direct to God yourself.”



“How?” I asked.



He said remember the passage in the bible that says…”For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” He said, “This is how you tap into the power of God as human. Now you will think, what if I don’t have company to gather in His name does it mean I can’t access the power?”


He said, “everything has been provided for. You shall not want. Every human has a duality and when each brings harmony to their duality, there is the two and in this God is among those two. In this combination lies the meaning of God and the power of man.” In this combination, miracles happen.



Now imagine two separate individuals who have managed to bring harmony to their duality who gather together in his name! Their power is formidable.



Now there is another side to this, imagine two people in a relationship who have managed to bring harmony to their duality and they come together in the name of God! Their relationship is equally formidable and exquisite.



This is the aim of this website. To have all those combinations. If you are interested join us and let’s create a formidable community.



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8 thoughts on “God and the Power Of Man

  1. Good Morning Danielle,

    Straight away I say that a Christian probably would not call me a Christian, I have absolutely no problem with that. At my age, 67, I am completely at peace with myself and have come to the conclusion that we are all the same, we all have the Godly Spark inside us, we all come from the same Force to then, after our life on earth, go back there again.

    My Father was the son of a Dutch Protestant missionary who had married the daughter of a German missionary to then emigrate to Sumatra/Indonesia to preach. My Father was born at the Lake Toba.
    My Mother grew up in a very different family as my grandmother was a Sufi. When my parents got married they knew they had very different religious backgrounds and wondered what to do in case they would have a child.
    They decided to not baptize me leaving me the freedom to go what ever direction my heart would take me.

    My Mother told me about the different world religions and I now know that they are basically the same, it is us humans who want to stretch the differences all the time.
    I think we are all brothers and sisters and we should respect the beliefs each of us might have. You can believe what you wish as long you do not do any harm.
    I never felt the need to go in any direction because with what I believe I feel good and peaceful together with my Godly Spark.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hello Taetske

      How I totally agree with you, it is us humans who want to create the differences. That special spark that is in all of us is the same, if only we could see it with this perception, most of our differences will fall away.

      Your story is so interesting and to me you are so lucky to have parents so understanding. In most cases we have one parent over ruling and deciding which way to go in terms of the child’s religion, especially when parents are missionaries. How really very lucky you are.

      Thank you for taking the time to pass by and telling us your very interesting story.



  2. Hey Danielle, I’m in Bible Study Fellowship International and we are studying the Gospel of John. I don’t know how many times I have read the Bible though and how many more times the Gospels. But this is the first time I have spent time in the Word and in prayer, not just reading the words.
    I seeing Jesus’ ministry totally different. It’s hard to explain because it is so simple. I’ve always tried to put God in a box, but He shows up different every time. One time it’s “go”, the next its “get up” the next its “get your husband” or “go wash” or “what do you have?”. It’s never the same except for the love and compassion part.

    I love your site.

    • Hi Dennis

      Thank you for loving my site. It is the love of my life.

      And the things you have said in your comment are most profound, they really touched my heart.

      Infinite blessings to you Dennis, you have enhanced my faith.


  3. Danielle, this is absolutely amazing!
    It’s the highest power in action, the Power of Love!
    In the middle of it, we can sense exactly how strong we are….
    It seems that’s because we are affirming the reality of what we truly are, because God is the Life inside us:

    We are Love.

    Thanks so very much for sharing this, there will always be a great need for it…..


    • Hi Therese

      I really really appreciate what you have said here and I totally get you.

      There can never be anything else except the power of love, yes we are love, we have always been, it’s just that sometimes we don’t realize this. Thank you Therese.

      All my love


  4. I really love hearing stories such as yours Suzi. I find them really inspiring. Your mum’s story goes to prove a lot of things. Going through experiences like this creates a faith in God like no other. Of-course there could be scientific explanations to this but isn’t true science of God?

    I am not afraid to share my faith because I believe my faith is not about religion and preaching but about experiencing life from Life’s point of view. I don’t believe my life would be where it it today if the Omnipotent One were not by my side.

    Thank you for the blessings Suzi, I really appreciate your passing by and taking the time to leave a wonderful comment. I know God is in your life and you have many blessings too. Hugs and kisses to your mum. 🙂


  5. I love this post, Danielle! I am a Christian, as well, and I fully believe in the power of prayer:) I know that, by faith, in Jesus Christ, anything we ask in His name will be answered according to His will. I prayed with my mom every day for two years when she had three different kinds of cancer, and God listened and responded! He answered our prayers and healed her! She has now been cancer free for a year! Yes…God is a great God, and there is nothing He can’t do! Thank you so much for not being afraid to share your faith through your beautiful website:) I believe that God will bless you greatly for acknowledging His Holy Name!

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