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To establish healthy relationship tips, I decided to interview women to find out what they really require in order to trust their other half with their hearts.

Why women? Because the woman is the one who gets pregnant and this is proof that she is the one entrusted with raising the bar of human healthy relationship nurturing tips. An unloved mother cannot build a good base for her husband and children and this in-turn builds a weak civilization and individuals who only see and work from the human experience identity point of view.

Those interviews helped me to finally arrive at the conclusion that women have divulged the Secret to the glue that keeps trust and healthy relationships intact. This favours the ability to keep your favourite self at the forefront for happiness and success. Divulging The Secret helps you to understand the final step that creates the balance in relationships in your adult life.

Here is a review of the book ‘Divulging the Secret’ by one of our readers.

Dear Danielle

I have now had the opportunity of reading and appraising Divulging The Secret which I found to be a most illuminating book. As I feel that the book is very much one from which couples, even experienced couples, would benefit (and was intrigued to gain a female perspective on the work), I also asked my wife to take a look at your book and her opinions are very much in line with my own.

Now that intimate relations between couples do not hold the stigma they once did so long ago now, there is very much a market for the kind of book you have written and, as it is first class in every respect and has evidently been a long time in the planning, it is, to my mind, precisely the book that will open up the lives of even the most experienced of couples, no matter how long they have been together, and make their lives all together more fulfilling.

I would hazard a guess that the conception, if you will, of the book, began as something of a labour of love but has developed into a comprehensive, clearly structured guide, so to speak, which does indeed divulge the secret to a happy partnership and family life. It seems evident that you have undertaken a great deal of research in order to write the book and that much of this research took place before the idea for the book was ever in your mind; it is a lifetime’s worth of knowledge, in other words, which your potential audience, I am sure, will put to good use.

In some ways, the book can be seen as a modern, more edgy, more practical Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, which, as I am sure you know, was a huge hit and continues to sell well. Yet your work is more in the practical vein, exploring similar themes yet with your own distinct slant, more modern detail suitable for a society that develops quicker and quicker by the day, and, to put it bluntly, a sight less theoretical and a great deal more use.

The meticulous nature you possess, I feel, is reflected in the way in which the work is structured and formatted and, again we see the vital importance of planning. It is usually very clear to me how well planned and how much effort has gone into the paramount stages of creating a book (of any genre) before the author has put pen to paper on the text proper, so to speak, and any time you have spent researching, formatting and re-formatting, drafting and re-drafting has been far from wasted; indeed, it results in a work which is as comprehensive a book as one could wish to read on the subject and leaves your reader with any previously unanswered questions really quite solidly replied to.

Though the book is very practical, evinced too by the illustrative figures which definitely enhance it and explain your words further, it is also very interestingly written, and this is what makes it stand out from being a mere manual; your work has far more to offer than being a mechanical guide. Your tone is soft and educational, illuminating even, and some parts of the work read very much like a narrative. Not only does this provide your book with a definite unique selling point, it also makes it so much more immediate to the reader and allows them to participate, if you will, in the concepts under discussion whilst reading. Also, it simply ensures that it is an interesting read, something which all readers seek, no matter what genre they are searching in.

For these reasons, as well as the quality of the writing in the work, I feel that now is the time to publish it. This is a modern, cutting edge book for the modern world – and a work which is so packed with information and easy to download. It is hard to resist. So, all that said, there is no doubt that this book would be a highly credible one.

Divulging The Secret has several advantages; it is innovative, superbly written and with the sort of content that could well result in it becoming quite a cult book and with it a significant impact on relationships.ย The contents of which I recommend especially for every adult male to know. A very fine book indeed.



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6 thoughts on “Divulging The Secret Review

  1. I haven’t read “Divulging the Secret” yet but plan to especially after after reading John’s review. I am curious about the different perspectives of the women that you interviewed and what they shared in common. As a wife, daughter, sister and mother, I feel like I wear many hats. A lot rests on my shoulders, too much at times. I am always looking for new ways to keep the spark alive in my now 28 year marriage but it’s tough sometimes. Hopefully your book will shed some new ideas.

    • Divulging the secret is indeed and interesting book. I learned a lot from talking to all those women. I am sure you will find it very useful. Thank you for your interest Erica.



  2. Thank you for this piece. Relationship is such a complex issue that it is difficult to analyse, nevertheless your blog has brought out valuable lessons that are indispensable for any good relationship. I do believe that who you are also, that is whether you are an introvert or extrovert do affect how you relate generally. However as you have rightly suggested, understanding is definitely a factor.

    • Thank you Lanu.

      Almost everything we do involves relationships with others one way or another and anyone who has relationships down cold will have a happier and easier life.

      Thank you for passing by.



  3. I think it is a good way to interview women to learn about relationship skills, as we women are naturally gifted in connecting – probably because of our biological roles, as you mention above – and most of the relationship work in couples and families is done by the women.
    I haven’t yet read your book, the review you got from John is really amazing and makes me curious about what you wrote there!
    For me, relationships are the most fundamental unit to take care for to create peace on earth! We need all to dive into this secret!

    • Hi Heidi!

      Thank you for your visit and your taking the time to contribute to this comments thread.

      I totally agree with you that women play an important role in relationships. They naturally wweave the thread of the dynamics of the relationship. Sort of forced into the role really. Once pregnant there is no choice except to nurture. Luckily nature made it itno a joyous event for most.

      Divulging the secret is a book whose results from the readership has amazed me.

      Thank you for passing by Heidi.


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