Barriers for effective Communication – nature’s creative energy

There is also a part that is a big part of the barriers for effective communication. This part introduces the effects of nature’s creative energy. This is the part when someone goes back on their word creating incomplete communication.

If you believe that when you sincerely desire something you somehow feel the urge to move towards that goal, that push towards, that somehow having an urge, is the other crucial element at play, to some it is what they call ‘the universe works to bring that thing to you that you truly desire’, bear with me and read on to discover secrets to communication that will shock and also lead to your success and happiness in this series of five articles.

As soon as you put something out there in your mind, nature gathers forces to start the motion of putting that thing into your life. People and situations begin to happen in your life that match the coming into being of what you desire. Have you ever thought of someone you haven’t seen for a long time and they call you or you meet them on that day or day after as you go about your business? We are never alone, the universe works with us and travels along our paths with us. It is an ongoing communication and relationship with it. Whatever you want to call this, it’s a creative force in nature that is set in motion when we start creating something in our world through thoughts or conversations and agreements with other people. It is the other element that facilitates the creation of our desires.

Now, imagine that two people agree on something and one decides not to honor their side of the agreement. The rule in nature is that whatever you ask for and believe that you have got it, will come to be. This is the successful person’s mindset and that is why they succeed. Therefore whatever you make someone believe, you have set in motion Nature’s force to facilitate granting the thing. When you go back on your word, you are also going against that force in nature and-that-is-a-huge-mistake. Here is where all problems are born.

Honestly, communication gives birth to or resolves problems. It is a universal solvent because it is the basis of how life works. It is the bed on which rests everything. You communicate with yourself or with other people and the creative force in nature is always in tour. This last part of that statement is important, we shall discuss it at length and you will see why.

Have you ever wondered why there is that energy of being upset? I mean, you promise something to someone then change your mind meantime that someone is waiting for that which you promised but really what is the big deal? How come we end up with that upset disturbance? What exactly is being disturbed? Why is it not possible to just realize that someone has changed their mind and just move on without getting upset?

Here is what most will not understand. The person who gets upset goes into a huge expression of some form of energy. This is because, like I said, when people go into an agreement there is always a third element to consider; As soon as an agreement is reached, the universe goes into the creative mode. “Whatever you ask, ye shall receive.” The forces of nature get evoked. So when someone fails to deliver, they are now going against those forces of nature.

In this case all that creative energy that has been set in motion has to be dissipated and this is what we witness as an upset. When one is dealing with an extremely creative person they are likely to come up against forceful energy in an upsetting situation because creative people tend to garner much more energy in their creative cycles.

Going back on a promise is actually going back on or an attempt to block the flow of the natural creative energy set in motion at the point f an agreement. This creates havoc within the energies. Once set in motion, creative energy can not be blocked or stopped from flowing and we can never be stronger than nature. Imagine going against a raging sea? Nature can be forceful when disturbed. This is why most people do not want to confront upsets. Little do they know that they have to be brave and just observe that powerful sea and wait for it to calm down. They don’t have to go into it but just observe it. Only when it’s calm can they go in and swim.  An upset is just that. It’s the deviated creative energy being dissipated.

Ecclesiastes 5:6″ Don’t let your mouth make you sin. And don’t defend yourself by telling the Temple messenger that the promise you made was a mistake. That would make God angry, and he might wipe out everything you have achieved.”

I believe the bible says things in riddles but it explains laws in nature. This is just a law of nature being expressed in religious terms. It will apply to anyone, religious or not. I will be using quotes like these but they are natural phenomena that will apply to anyone.

A communication cycle should never be left incomplete. Going back on one’s word, deciding to leave something unsaid, stopping someone from expressing them-self, talking without the ability to listen,  or listening and leaving things unsaid, all boils down to an incomplete communication cycles and is an attempt to block or force nature’s energy from completing what was started. This creates problems.  Life is just a vast creative, communication system. That is where everything we create begins. It is a base underlying all that we do. We invoke that system the minute we decide to speak to someone or think of something. To the degree that you don’t abide by the laws of nature, you fail.

“I will not violate my covenant, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips” Psalm 89:34. It seems this is one of the laws.

Once you give your word you must honor it otherwise you are going back on Nature’s creative force. It’s a huge force that will blow in your face.  It just becomes what you will perceive and call an upset but really you are just watching altered creative energy and because the original cause is altered its subsequent expression is altered too. A loving person becomes an upset person.

What do you do in a case like that? You silently watch the energy dissipate and when it has stopped dissipating, that is when the person expressing an upset has worn them-self out, you apologize if you have caused the upset and that completes the original cycle of communication. This should bring things back to normal. A cycle of communication must always be complete. There are a lot of different ways a cycle of communication gets complete. It is not just in speech. It can be the completion of a project or the completion of a journey or the conclusion of a deal. When communication is incomplete or left hanging it creates difficulties. This also seems to be another law.

“If a man vows a vow to the Lord, or swears an oath to bind himself by a pledge, he shall not break his word. He shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.” Numbers 30:2 ESV

Our word is sacred in that it sets in motion Nature’s creative force. Every conversation is a negotiation of setting the creative force in motion. You speak to someone and then you wait for their input and continue to converse till there is an agreement. True communication is always being able to talk and then being able to listen, taking it in turns, because everything is about negotiating your world with the other people or person’s world. It’s an honor to be exercised at all times. It’s special. Conversation IS very special. It is commanding nature.

Once a promise is made, it is actually an honor for the person to whom the promise is made to insist on it being fulfilled because in the fulfillment of that promise lies the practice and path to happiness and success. There is always a nugget at the end of a communication cycle but some communication cycles are so hard that most people choose to leave things unsaid. A couple must know  and practice the secret of completing incomplete communication cycles for their happiness.

This is a long haul when it involves a disagreement and this is where most people fall down because most such communication is never taken to completion. People feel it’s too much and they drop the communication because they cannot bear the tension.

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