Barriers For Effective Communication – how to communicate effectively

Barriers For Effective Communication – how to communicate effectively

True respect for another comes from being aware that each and every one of us thinks, assesses, computes, evaluates and perceives everything first from our own point of view. This is what we call every person’s own world and that it is imperative to consider this fact in every communication we pass along.  Every failure or success is hinged on this one fact. Failure to consider that another has a different view point will make you a failure both in business and in a relationship. There is a way though that anyone can use to get communication across, creating more chances at success than those that don’t apply that formula. For each of us there is a private and a public world. Anything that exists or comes from outside of you is the public world. It is that side where an individual can have suggestions or inputs from other people.

Before anything can exist outside in the public it exists in some private individual’s world. Your feelings or emotions relating to your world are all very personal to you. It is absolutely important to always bear this in mind because every piece of communication is a negotiation and a comparison of notes between these individual worlds. To the degree that each person is able to keep this in mind and communicate in a way to get through to other people’s worlds then the world is their oyster. The ability to communicate effectively is the nugget in this article. If you improve the way you negotiate with others’ worlds, everything around you improves too. The way to do this is the final nail to this communication series.

If you want to put something in someone else’s world, you will need to put it there by means of thinking about what you want to say and what you want to achieve and then decide the other person will get it. This is the application of our signature success formula. That you need to create something in your world through your thoughts, what you want exactly and then decide what end result you want and finally predetermine that that result has been achieved.

In communication with another, you have to consider what it is you are going to say before you say it. This is where a lot of people fail. They just say things without considering what it is they are going to say and for what end result. When you communicate with someone, you want to have a certain result. You must have that result in mind and keep that in mind as you communicate and what you are going to say will naturally be based on that.  You must also decide that the other person is going to get your meaning and receive it. That is the full creation in your universe. You hold that thought there and you will find that when you finally communicate, the communication will get across effectively. If you don’t do that, you will find that you will be very weak in communication and people will not listen to you. This is a very simple operation.

In your communication, remember that attention follows attention. Keep your attention on what it is you want to achieve and focus your attention on whoever you are communicating with and they will automatically focus on you. This is another natural law. Whenever you focus on someone you draw their attention. This is all about energies. You can draw people to you by focusing on what it is you want them to understand from you.

We have now come to the end of our communication series. Use it to achieve your success and happiness.


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